What Directors Want


You get the call. They want to bring you in to audition. It’s your dream role. Yes!!!!!!

You prep, you memorize, you nail the audition. You were MADE for this part.


You don’t get the gig.

And you sit back wondering, what the hell happened. Why didn’t you get the job?


Maybe you got the job (yay you!!). But you’re working with a director and it simply isn’t gelling. Maybe you’re getting tripped up being on set, maybe the director isn’t cool to work with, maybe your nerves have taken over.

You can tell, you’re not giving them what they need. So long future gigs.

eek--camera-video-marketingHow the heck do you make it WORK?

I understand. I’ve been exactly there.

Sarah Michelle Brown here. I went to the Neighborhood Playhouse in NYC many moons ago, and started off my career as an actor. I then began turning my eyes towards directing, as my biggest love is behind the camera.

In fact I continued acting until a few years ago. I’ve been in your shoes a million times, and I respect your craft, your talent and your artistry.

And, I completely understand how the audition process can trip you up, how rejection can accumulate, how getting the actual gig can sometimes show your weaknesses and how important it is to work well with different types of directors.

So I’ve decided to create a course to help you with exactly these issues.

I’ve been in your shoes and I want you to SHINE!

Book this one-hour session and discover:

  • What directors look for in actors.
  • What the biggest factors are that can trip up performers once they get the gig, and how to bust through them.
  • How to work with different types of directors.
  • How to handle “rejection” in a way that actually helps your career.
  • My top tips to making a director’s job easier (they’ll LOVE you for this).

Plus you can ask me your top industry Qs.

Ready to become a more effective performer?