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You. Can. Do. It.

thinking-sarah-video-marketingYou’re a passionate entrepreneur and you’re ready to make an impact with your biz. And you’ve seen other fab-preneurs build kick-butt businesses by incorporating videos, but maybe:

  • You’re afraid that you’ll you won’t be interesting in your videos for your biz.
  • You’re frustrated and intimidated by the techie stuff.
  • You’re worried about rambling.
  • You feel ahhhh when you press “record”.
  • You’re scared to put yourself out there.
  • You don’t know where to start.

I sooo get it, and I’m here to help.

Sarah Michelle Brown, here, and I love to empower entrepreneurs like you, on-camera, so you can shine in your videos for your biz!

After 15+ years in the film and theatre industries as a writer, director and actor, I’ve spent literally tens of thousands of hours and dollars learning the tools that help get you unstuck when you press record.

The On-Camera Power Hour is a fantastic session in which you will learn powerful next steps to creating videos that engage and inspire your customers.

“I talked to Sarah today and she made my day! She relayed such a beautiful description of a video she saw in her head after she read my quote on my about page that not only was I honored to hear her reaction but it made me want to hop up to Toronto to work with her… Thank you Sarah Michelle Brown.”

Silvia Bianco

Personalized Video Help

lamme-video-marketingImagine being able to pick the brain of an actual film director
, to get the best solutions to your video Q’s.

Brand new to video? Made a few but feel stuck?

I meet you where you are.

During your session we’ll dive into your most pressing on-camera/video concerns that can include:

  • Developing your unique on-camera story and purpose for your biz.
  • Brainstorming content ideas.
  • Getting a clearer vision of your video brand.
  • Discovering step-by-step strategies for making your next video.
  • Learning doable technical solutions for lighting, shooting and editing.
  • Getting constructive, helpful feedback on your previous videos.
  • Busting through some of your on-camera blocks.
  • Learning how to create your video scripts.
  • Discovering ways to ignite your ideal customers through your videos.
  • Learning how to tap into your unique on-camera authenticity.
  • Experiencing powerful on-camera aha moments.
  • Diving into what makes you unique.
  • Uncovering your story.
  • Shaking up your on-camera fears.
  • And more.

NOTE: We won’t be able to cover all those things in the Power Hour, so kindly keep that in mind when you are deciding which of those things you need to focus on the most.


By signing up for the On-Camera Power Hour, you’ll get these extra tools for FREE:

  • Your personalized next steps Action Sheet.
  • 20-minute Skype follow-up within two months.


What to Expect

Before your On-Camera Power Hour begins:

  • You’ll receive a PDF to fill me in on your current video concerns, challenges and experience.
  • You’ll send me the links to one of your existing videos (if you have one, if not, no worries).


  • This live session will be done via Skype.
  • This hour will speed by.
  • Generally speaking, you’ll be able to go in-depth for up to 3 of your top concerns. It will depend on how much time is needed to guide you through the challenges that you’re experiencing.
  • This is a high-impact session, so make sure you arrive ready to roll up your sleeves.
  • Come prepared to challenge yourself and to have fun!


  • You’ll receive your FREE (and fab) bonuses.
  • You’ll receive a short survey from me about your experiences (your opinions are gold).

The On-Camera Power Hour is a super fast, high-impact designed to get you taking your next video steps for your biz with a fresh mindset.

Your Investment

Give your business a video boost today! Click below to get your On-Camera Power Hour, plus the bonuses:


  • After your Paypal order is processed, you’ll be redirected to Timetrade to book your awesome session!
  • Once I’ve received your order, I’ll send you an email with your welcome package (wooo!!).
  • We’ll meet on Skype at your selected time and then you’ll get your learning on!

Looking forward to it!!



This Session iS for YOU if:

  • You’re open and ready to learn something new.
  • You’re willing to step outside your comfort zone.
  • You want high-impact, focused learning.
  • You’re ready to build your business by creating videos that connect.
  • You want to be comfortable and authentic for your customers.


This Session iS NOT for YOU if:

  • You want longer-term guidance (to get a more expansive experience, I recommend you look into the Red Carpet Treatment).
  • You don’t feel ready to challenge your on-camera challenges (I get it, it can be scary).

Be sure to make the choice that will help make you, your videos and your biz shine brighter.

Ready to rock this?


I’ve never made a video before. Is this for me?
This is perfect for you! My approach will give you a safe and exciting place to prep for your first on-camera experience.

I’ve made some videos in the past. Is there anything for me to learn?
For sure! The things that I’ll dive into will likely go much deeper than you’ve gone before in creating your online vids. My director’s eye makes my constructive feedback transformational for people of all levels of experience.

I’m nervous about having my work critiqued. What kind of feedback do you give?
I’ve been on the receiving end of feedback many times over the years, and understand how hard it can be. I give feedback in a way that is compassionate and helpful. I will always approach it in a way that is designed to be constructive.

The point is to give you tools and knowledge to make even better vids. You’re in good hands.

“I just had my call with Sarah, and…WOW…. So insightful, so encouraging! She had specific, easily actionable tips for the exact parts of video production that I’ve been struggling with. I’m a complete novice and even though she is a video pro with years of experience she made me feel great about where I’m at in the process and gave me tips that were just perfect for my level of experience. Whoo hoo, I’m ready to take on the next level of the video beast!”

Shana LaFore

“I received such an insightful reflection of myself and what I want to create. And Sarah taught me how to direct that into my work so I truly can serve others. She was an amazing, insightful mirror.

She has given me confidence and clarity, and I CAN’T WAIT TO MAKE MY NEXT VIDEO!”

Kristin Fritz

“You’re in for a treat, Sarah is a great coach and will see straight to the heart of things. I worked in film for years and it’s rare to find someone who can gently share the issues while making you feel supported… if anyone else is toying with trying this: do it! Sarah’s ace.”

Liz Scully

We Got This!

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