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Filming adventures in Mexico!

Hey VideoStar, I'm here in beautiful Mexico filming for an amazing entrepreneur. The other day we were on the beach filming one of her videos, and a wave came and soaked us, lol. While it looks as though my phone may not survive the salt water drenching, at least my...

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Letting go of video perfectionism

Hey VideoStar, Being a perfectionist when it comes to making videos is a very REAL thing. We want to put our BEST foot forward from the get go. But when it comes to your very first videos, your early beginnings, I want you to know that we're ALL human; we're ALL on a...

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Express Yourself: For Introverted Entrepreneurs

Hey VideoStar~ I've got such a treat for the INTROVERTED entrepreneur. As part of my Express Yourself series, I'm soooo happy to introduce you to visibility expert, Susanna Reay. Join us as we dish about how introverts, like you, can put themselves out there in a way...

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Empathy (and your videos)

Hey VideoStar, We're living in such uncertain times, and we often feel like there's nothing we can do. Well, today's post ain't your typical how-to-make-videos thang. In case you don't know, I've got a passion film in the works. Seeing the state of the world changing...

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Feeling stuck? Try this

Sound familiar: You've got LOTS on your plate. You've got BIG dreams and goals on the horizon. You've got a world to change. And VIDEO is an important part of it. But you start something new, and suddenly, you feel like you're stuck in a familiar (uncomfortable)...

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Why your “mistakes” are PURE GOLD

I know, I know, we always want to be GREAT.We don't want to put anything out there that shows how imperfect (ahem, vulnerable) we are –Especially in videos!!What if I told you that your TRUE power lies in your hiccups, in your glitches and in your imperfections? And...

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