Dream Up

“Life is too short to play it small.
Dance as if *everyone* is watching.”

~ Sarah Michelle Brown

Sarah here, your  Virtual Video Director!

What does this mean?

You get your very own film director to guide you through your video journey!


You have the personality, you just don’t have the tools, the confidence and the permission to really shine in your videos.

Check out this video to learn a bit more about what makes me tick and how I can help you.  🙂



Creating videos for your biz is an opportunity to show potential clients how amazing it will be to work with you.


It’s all about shining a light on your best qualities so that we can unleash your good ol’ fashioned know, like and trust factor.

Making videos may not be your area of expertise, but it is mine.

You have so much  untapped “video” potential.

And that’s why I’ve made a HUGE SHIFT from working exclusively on my own arts works, to also working with Fab-Preneurs like YOU.

“You don’t have to become something that you’re not in order to create content that has impact.” ~ Sarah Michelle Brown (Tweet that!)

You’re coming from a vulnerable place in making online videos for your business.

You’re putting yourself out there.


But I’m here to help walk you through the video landscape so that you can have your very own Videos that Shine.

You just need a bit o’ guidance to create videos that are true to you and your brand!



It’s NOT ALL about entertainment (and I know entertainment).

It’s about CONNECTION, VISION and AUTHENTICITY. Letting the best of you shine through.

camera-purse--video-marketingIt’s my passion

I’ve been a writer/director/actor in film and theatre for 15+ years and I’m sooooo excited to help you shine in your biz.

Whether you’re shy and want to keep it simple or an extrovert who wants to entertain, I’m a director who has worked with actors and non-actors in sensitive situations, so I know how to help you bring out the best in your on-camera self.

Get ready to open up, to release fear and to ignite your business!

Here’s a lil teaser so you can see the kinds of things I’ve directed in my creative life. (Keep in mind: You don’t always need to have a higher production value like the vids in my teaser, in order to connect with your customers.)

I’ll meet you where you’re at. OKAY, CHECK THIS PUPPY OUT:


Want to know where to begin?

I suggest a one-on-one On-Camera Power Hour with me. It’s a GREAT way to get you going on your video journey.

You get guidance from your very own Virtual Video Director, wherever you are.

I’m so excited to ”virtually” work side-by-side with you to get you rocking your best authentic YOU (on-camera).

Want a lil more of the scoop? Here are 5 little fun facts about me. Click HERE.

And as always…

Dream up,

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Sarah Michelle Brown’s passion is for telling stories that reach out and give audiences a powerful experience. She is a multifaceted artist who writes, acts and directs for the stage, in music videos, documentaries and film.

Since studying at the Neighborhood Playhouse School of Theater in New York City, Sarah has been writing, directing and producing her own film and theatre projects.

Most recently, Sarah has turned her 15+ years experience in front of and behind the camera, into a method of training entrepreneurs how to uplevel their on-camera presence.

Videos that Shine is the one-stop-shop to learn how to express yourself and authentically speak to your ideal customers through your video content.

Sarah also conceptualizes and live-directs exclusive videos for her Fab-Preneur clients, and continues to create her own artistic projects.